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Why suncgroup

Aluminum Pergola solution Provider

Shanghai Shangke Intelligent Shade Technology Co., Ltd.: specializes in the production of outdoor pergola, zip screen, smart building exterior sunshade and other sunshade products.
We provide pergola customization services worldwide, including appearance, size, color, etc.
Professional R&D and design teams continuously innovate products and strictly control quality.
16+ years of experience, fully understanding the customization needs of different applications.
Maximize profits with one-stop services from customization, labels, packaging, delivery, etc.
The professional team provides you with services such as design and installation tutorials.
 SUNC Recommended Products

SUNC provides you with professional custom aluminum pergola manufacturers and outdoor garden solutions, explore our pergolas, blinds, sunrooms and screen rooms

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About SUNC suncgroup

Shanghai SUNC Intelligence Shade Technology Co., Ltd.Is a professional manufacturer of outdoor garden solutions, window decorations, intelligent building exterior shading, and other sun shading products.

SUNC aluminum pergola manufacturer tailors scientific, applicable, and intelligent diversified sunshade product solutions for modern buildings and fashionable homes to meet the different needs of customers. Provide online technical support and OED/ODM services.

With 16+ years of experience
Covering over 10 product categories
Industry-leading 8 years warranty, and 2 years of electrical system warranty.
Up to 5x stronger than similar alternatives on the market.
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Overall Factory Environment
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Multiple Custom Pergola Options
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Provide professional solutions
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