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Aluminum Alloy Pergola Pavilion Office Design from US Andres


Designing an office space with an aluminum pergola can create a unique and stylish environment that blends the outdoors with the indoors. Here are some examples of how SUNC incorporated aluminum pergola into office designs for clients in the United States:


Outdoor Meeting Area:

Install an aluminum pergola in an outdoor space near your office building to create a designated meeting area.

Equip the area with comfortable seating, tables, and retractable electric zip screen blinds.

The space can be used for casual meetings, brainstorming sessions, or simply as a place for employees to relax.

Integrating Greenery with Plants:

Use an aluminum pergola as a support structure for climbing plants or hanging baskets to create a green and lush environment.

Place flower boxes or pots around the perimeter of the aluminium pergola to further enhance the greenery effect.

The combination of aluminum and plants can create a visually appealing and refreshing atmosphere.

Outdoor Workspace:

Expand your office space by creating an outdoor work area under an aluminum pergola.

Provide sturdy tables and chairs and electrical outlets to facilitate work activities.

The area can be used for individual work, team collaboration, or as a breakout space for employees to enjoy fresh air while working.

Privacy and Acoustic Solutions:

Combine an aluminum pergola with zip screens and sliding glass door drape to create secluded areas within an office space.

These privacy solutions can also help reduce noise levels, providing a quieter, more focused work environment.

Lighting and Ambience:

This aluminium pergola is equipped with blade lights and fan lights to illuminate the aluminum pergola in the evening or at night.


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