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Aluminum Villa Pergola
Installing an aluminum pergola is a good choice to create a comfortable outdoor leisure space in the villa area.all right you can choose our crown pergola First, determine the location and size you want your gazebo to be. Taking into account the overall style and landscaping of the villa area, ensure that the pavilion harmonizes with the surrounding environment. Plan your budget: Determine your budget and we will provide a gazebo design that fits your needs.
Installing an aluminum pergola pavilion on your pool can add a comfortable space for shade and relaxation to your pool area. We need to plan according to the pool area: determine where in the pool you want the pavilion to be installed, and whether factors such as sunlight, wind direction, and surrounding landscape need to be taken into account. Make sure that the location of the pavilion will not hinder the normal use of the swimming pool. Generally, you will choose to install it independently.
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Installing a pergola on your balcony can add a comfortable outdoor leisure space to your balcony. When installing an aluminum pavilion on your balcony, you need to verify the feasibility of the installation: First, make sure your balcony has enough space and structural strength to install the aluminum pavilion. Take into consideration the size and structure of your balcony and ensure that installing a gazebo will not negatively impact the stability and safety of your balcony. Depending on the wall structure, most installation methods are chosen against the wall.
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Installing an aluminum pergola gazebo in your garden can add a beautiful relaxing and shady space to your garden. Decide where in your garden you want your gazebo to be installed. Considering the layout and landscape of the garden, choose a suitable area to install the pavilion and ensure that it does not hinder the use of other parts of the garden. What supporting facilities, windproof curtains, glass doors, etc. need to be selected.
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Designing an aluminum pergola into a gym can provide you with a space for outdoor exercise that combines fresh air and natural environment. Determine the size, layout and functionality of the pavilion based on your gym needs and budget. Considering the type and amount of exercise equipment, make sure the gazebo has enough space to accommodate the equipment and provide a comfortable workout area.
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Designing an aluminum pergola as part of your hotel can provide your guests with a comfortable, relaxing outdoor space.
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 Restaurant Pergola

Installing a gazebo can add a cozy, shaded and outdoor dining space to your restaurant. Here are the general steps for installing a gazebo design in a restaurant:

Space planning: First, assess the space and layout of your restaurant to determine where to install the gazebo. Taking into account the size and shape of the restaurant, determine a suitable area to install the pavilion, which not only meets the needs of sun shading, but also ensures that it does not hinder the normal operation of the restaurant and the comfort of customers.

Style and Design: Choose a pergola design that matches the overall style and ambience of your restaurant. Choose aluminum alloy structure design or PVC pergola design. Make sure the design of your pavilion harmonizes with your restaurant's indoor and outdoor surroundings.

Of course we can also give you cases of our cooperation as reference

Aluminum Carport Pergola

Using an aluminum pergola as a carport can provide a shaded and protected space for your vehicle.

Space Planning: First, assess the size and number of vehicles to determine the location and size of the gazebo. Consider the length, width and height of your vehicle and choose a suitable area to install your gazebo, making sure there is enough room for the vehicle and easy access.

Choose the right gazebo model: Choose a suitable aluminum gazebo model with enough height and width to accommodate the vehicle. Make sure the gazebo is designed and sized to meet the needs of your vehicle and provide adequate shade and protection.

Sun room

Using an aluminum pergola as a sunroom or eco-room can provide you with a space that is comfortable, bright and in touch with the natural environment. Our professional designers and architects will create sunroom design plans for you.

Material selection: Choose high-quality aluminum alloy materials as the main structural material of the sun room or ecological room. Aluminum alloys are weather-resistant, lightweight and corrosion-resistant, providing a strong structure and protection against the elements.

 Glass selection: Choose high-performance glass that meets energy-saving requirements to provide good thermal and sound insulation. Considering the purpose of the sunroom or eco-room, choose a suitable glass type, such as double or triple laminated glass, to provide better thermal insulation properties.

 Insulation and ventilation: Make sure your sunroom or ecology room has proper insulation and ventilation systems. This can include installing insulation, window seals, ventilation windows or adjustable skylights to regulate indoor temperature and air circulation.

 Interior decoration: Choose suitable interior decoration and furniture according to your preferences and usage. Consider the natural light and green surroundings of a sunroom or eco-room and choose suitable indoor plants and comfortable furniture to create a comfortable and natural atmosphere.

 Lighting System: Consider interior lighting needs during the design process. Depending on your preference, choose a suitable lighting system such as ceiling fixtures, wall sconces or table lamps to provide the right light and ambience.

 Environmental protection and energy saving: During the design and construction process, we pay attention to environmental protection and energy saving. Choose sustainable materials and technologies such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, energy-saving light fixtures, etc. to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

 Extensive care and maintenance: Clean and maintain the sunroom or ecological room regularly. Remove dust, keep glass clean, repair any damaged or worn parts, and regularly check the operation of your insulation and ventilation systems.

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Mobile container house

Outdoor B&B louvered pergola solution

Using a louvered pergola in combination with a mobile container house can be a creative and functional approach to enhance outdoor living space. 

This is our new vision for the future and a new use for the SUNC louvered pergola.
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Inquiry Me Now, Got The Price List.
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