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Aluminum louvered pergola is an outdoor shading facility that is characterized by the use of louvers made of aluminum alloy materials as shading elements. The blinds of this pergola can be freely rotated or adjusted as needed to provide suitable lighting and shading effects.

Aluminum louvered pergola usually has a good drainage system, which can effectively drain water from the roof, enhancing its practicality and durability. At the same time, its appearance design is simple and elegant, with clean lines, giving people a clean and elegant feeling. In terms of structure, the columns of the aluminum louvered pergola are equipped with galvanized steel plates, which can be effectively fixed on the ground to ensure the stability of the entire structure.

Aluminum louvered pergola not only has a sunshade function, but also has multiple functions such as rainproof, windproof, mosquitoproof, dustproof, etc., providing comprehensive protection for outdoor spaces. Its open design provides a certain degree of privacy while maintaining ventilation. In addition, the center beam of the aluminum louvered pergola can also be hung with lights, fans and other equipment, further increasing its practicality and aesthetics.


Aluminum electric louvered pergola is suitable for various outdoor spaces, such as restaurant and hotel terraces, holiday B&Bs, private gardens, villa swimming pools, etc., providing people with a comfortable, beautiful and practical outdoor leisure place. In their spare time, people can place sofas, lounge chairs or coffee tables under the aluminum louvered pergola to enjoy outdoor leisure time.

Sometimes referred to as outdoor living pods, opening louver roof pergola is the ultimate in contemporary styling for outdoor spaces and providing perfectly adjustable shade and shelter.

Motorized louver pergolas offer many advantages that make them popular for applications in outdoor spaces. Here are some of the main advantages:

1. Suitable for large and small areas alike;

2. Ground-fixed aluminum louvres construction;

3. Integrated guttering available;

4. Adjustable glass sides and flexible screens options;

5. 100% waterproof and draught-proof;

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