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400 Aeroscreen Sun Louvers Systems , Aluminium Sun Louvers Vertical Horizontal 1
400 Aeroscreen Sun Louvers Systems , Aluminium Sun Louvers Vertical Horizontal 1

400 Aeroscreen Sun Louvers Systems , Aluminium Sun Louvers Vertical Horizontal


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    Detail Information

    Material: Aluminum Alloy,6063-T5 Product Name: Fixed Aeroscreen Aluminum Sun Shading Louvers Architectural Sun Control System
    Blade Width: 100/150/200/250/300/350/400/450/500/600mm Thickness: 1.0~3.0mm
    Install: Vertical/Horizontal Coated: Powder Coating, PVDF Coating, Polyester Coating, Anodization, Plating, Heat Transfer Printing, Film Covering
    Function: Sun Control, Air Ventilation, Waterproof, Decoration, Energy Conservation, Interior Bright Environment Proof, Intelligent, Durable, Application: Public,Residential,Commercial,School,Office,Hospital,Hotel,Airport,Subway,Station,Shopping Mall,Architectural Building
    Color: Any RAL Or PANTONE Or Customized,Woodgrain,Bamboo Control: Remote / Manual Control
    High Light:

    louvre sun shade systems


    aluminum sun louvers

    Product Description

    Fixed Aeroscreen aluminum sun shading louvers architectural sun control system


    Blade Width




    Support: fixed system, adjustable system, smart system.


    The keel is determined by the structural engineer and the strength of the selected keel must meet local wind pressure, static load or other possible loads. Contact between aluminum and carbon steel should be avoided to prevent electrolytic corrosion.


    SUNC Group is a global leader in the building shading industry. Provide a series of solutions for building dimming and heat control. SUNC's high-quality, durable indoor and outdoor architectural sunshade products not only give the building a multi-faceted practical function but also give people an unparalleled visual enjoyment in decorative aesthetics, truly integrating functionality, application, and aesthetics, adding value to the building.


    Function of Sun Louver/ Shutter
    1.SUNC brand Acoustic Sun Shutter design with hollow and perforation blades,together with Acoustic material, the sun shutter can be efficient in absorb the noise from city, road and viaduct.
    2.The blades can be make into L shape or Elliptical shape. Which look beautiful and run practically.
    3.Adjusting the slope of the blades can adjust the sun shine. Enable the air ventilation. There is a seal to ensure the shutter close hermetically.
    Sun Louver/ Shutter is recommend Applying at these places below
    House, office beside the viaduct, hightway, and strong noice place like factory, school, hotel and strict acoustic standard building. Electric and Manual control version are available
    Characteristic of Sun Louver/Shutter
    Acid-resistant, Fire-proof,Shock-proof, Weather fastness, Spray finishing, Durableness.
    We have polyester powder coating ,PE,PVDF ,transfer printing(wood color ) for choosing
    Polyester powder coating guarantee the color stable for 10 years indoor use ,
    PVDF painting guarantee the color stable for 15 years outdoor use.
    Advantage of Sun Louver/ Shutter
    As an exterior protection structure of the modern building, Its generally accept to apply the Electric Control Sun Shutter / Sun Louver to
    1.adjust indoor temperture,
    2.decrease the sun untraviolet radiation,
    3.avoid bright sunlight dazzle.
    4.Save more than 30% air conditioner energy cost.
    5.At the same time, Sun shutter / Sun Louver structure make the building magnificent apperrance.

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