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Remote Control Retractable Louvre Roof Building Sun Shading System Aluminum Alloy 1
Remote Control Retractable Louvre Roof Building Sun Shading System Aluminum Alloy 1

Remote Control Retractable Louvre Roof Building Sun Shading System Aluminum Alloy


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    Material: Aluminum Alloy,6063-T5 Function: Sun Control, Air Ventilation, Waterproof, Decoration, Energy Conservation, Interior Bright Environment Proof, Intelligent, Durable,
    Blade Width: 100/150/200/250/300/350/400/450/500/600mm Thickness: 1.0~3.0mm
    Install: Vertical/Horizontal Coated: Powder Coating, PVDF Coating, Polyester Coating, Anodization, Plating, Heat Transfer Printing, Film Covering
    Application: Public,Residential,Commercial,School,Office,Hospital,Hotel,Airport,Subway,Station,Shopping Mall,Architectural Building Color: Any RAL Or PANTONE Or Customized,Woodgrain,Bamboo
    Product Name: Remote Control Retractable Louvre Roof Building Sun Shading System Control: Remote / Manual Control
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    retractable louvres external


    retractable roof shade

    Product Description

    Remote control retractable louvre roof building sun shading system



    SUNC Group is a global leader in the building shading industry. Provide a series of solutions for building dimming and heat control. SUNC's high-quality, durable indoor and outdoor architectural sunshade products not only give the building a multi-faceted practical function but also give people an unparalleled visual enjoyment in decorative aesthetics, truly integrating functionality, application, and aesthetics, adding value to the building.



    Continues Innovation

    SUNC Group is constantly developing new patents and new products, continuously improving product quality and enriching various product lines. SUNC construction products cover a wide range of applications, from outdoor applications to indoor applications such as ceiling systems, exterior wall systems, and architectural shading systems.


    China SUNC Group is a private holding group founded in 2008, with its headquarters in Shanghai, the Modern city from China. The Group is principally engaged in the manufacture, sales, and service of construction products and window covering products, as well as metal processing, precision machinery production. 


    SUNC Group actively undertakes social responsibility as a manufacturer, employer, partner, etc., strives to enhance its business, helps its customers succeed, and contributes to the sustainable development of the world. SUNC Green has become an important initiative across the group to reduce energy, water and carbon emissions. At the same time, SUNC helps architects build green buildings with their environmentally friendly and energy-saving features to provide customers with a sustainable green living space.


    SUNC's architectural sunshade products have experienced more than 10 years of development and have opened the world's green energy-efficient buildings. SUNC provides architects with professional shading knowledge and application techniques to help them achieve light and heat regulation in buildings, improve building quality, from shade vane styles, installation forms to control systems, each provided by Hunter's professional team. The architectural shading product solution meets multiple functional requirements and enhances the aesthetic value of the building.


    Light and Life

    We are affected by different electromagnetic waves every day. From radio waves to gamma rays, the light visible to the naked eye is only part of it. Some light is good for us, and some are harmful. Light can affect a person's brain and change a person's physical and mental state. In order to get a more comfortable working and living environment, it is necessary to take measures to control and adjust the light and heat in the room.


    Light control

    The illuminance recommended by ergonomics for office use has been included in European regulations.
    · The ideal illuminance is between 500~1,500Lux
    · Natural light is the best light source
    · Depending on the season, orientation, weather, and location. Buildings are exposed to illuminance ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 Lux.
    Therefore, the amount of light entering the building needs to be controlled to achieve the desired lighting environment.




    1. Can I order a sample of an SUNC product?
    Yes. You can order aluminium sun louver samples from SUNC and it takes within 2 weeks for delivery.
    2. What is the best way to specify sizes of SUNC louvers?
    Always specify width x height.
    3. What information do you need when I call or send a quote request?
    Everything you've got! It is best to provide the applicable drawings and product specifications.
    This will ensure we cover all the project requirements in the quote.
    4. What is the typical lead time for an order?
    Small orders are typically 2-3 weeks, depending on the finishes required. Larger orders will take
    4-5 weeks. These lead times can vary depending on the time of year and workload in the factory.
    5. Do you have standard sizes?
    All louver products from SUNC are "made to order". We have very flexible manufacturing
    capabilities and will size our products to meet your requirements.
    6. What finishes are available?
    Any of our products can have one of several high quality architectural finishes applied. We offer
    anodized finish, powdercoating finish, PVDF coatings which guarantee for 20 years of discoloration
    for outdoor application.



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