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Architectural Tension Shade System Skylight Motor Heat Resistance Fiberglass Fabric 1
Architectural Tension Shade System Skylight Motor Heat Resistance Fiberglass Fabric 1

Architectural Tension Shade System Skylight Motor Heat Resistance Fiberglass Fabric


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    Detail Information

    Material: Fiberglass Fabric,Heat Resistance Size: Customized
    Usage: Sun Shade Color: Various
    Application: Internal/External Feature: Durable,Long Lifetime
    Name: Customized Architectural Skylight Shade Tension Shade System Motor Remote Control Operation: Remote Control
    High Light:

    tension blackout shades


    tension sun shades

    Product Description

    Customized architectural skylight shade tension shade system motor remote control



    Architects and designers create spectacular glass structures that illuminate our buildings, creating memorable spaces that make us feel alive.

    Automated tensioned fabric precisely regulates heat gain and glare whatever the angle of the glazing. It then disappears when it is not needed, preserving our connection to the outside world.

    From skylights and roof lights to external facades, our specialist blind systems can be made bespoke to support your designs, and your building performance requirements.


    We collaborate with designers who share our love of inspirational and sustainable architecture.

    The most advanced tensioned systems conceal a torsion spring and a motor within the fabric barrel, allowing the design of triangular and trapezoidal solutions which hold the fabric flat, even when installed at an angle. Early consideration of bracket location is important to achieve a fabric shape as close as possible to the glazing it will cover.


    The system is mainly composed of three parts: transmission mechanism, fabric, and controller.
    The maximum area is 35 square meters, and when the width exceeds 3.5 meters, one or two or one support mechanism can be used.
    The steel wire indexing method is suitable for making a large-area folding ceiling, which is cost-effective and stable and reliable.

    control method:
    Radio control, manual control, and intelligent control.

    Application range:
    Suitable for sunshade of large glass sunroofs such as public places.




    Large areas of glass can significantly add to a building’s character. The increasing desire to bring natural light into our homes from every angle, together with recent advances in glazing technology, mean that Rooflights are getting larger whilst window frames are getting smaller.



    There are few more satisfying feelings than seeing the correct balance of light in your home at the touch of a button. The timeless combination of fabric on glass is practical, subtle and beautiful. Applied to a skylight it is elevated to something extraordinary.



    Glazed roofs create impact. They are often gathering places, making the control of heat and light essential to their success. Architectural blinds with high-performance fabric offers precise regulation and energy savings whilst letting in the right amount of natural light. Automated tension systems can be installed horizontally or at an angle to suit the structure, convering up to 100m2 with a single system.



    Today’s façade design must be both beautiful and sustainable, utilizing a variety of technology to deliver energy savings as well as a comfortable internal environment. External fabric shading most effective protection against excess heat gain is external fabric shading, which can reduce energy demand for cooling by over 70% and lighting by over 50% without losing the view to the outdoors. Tensioned architectural blinds actively adapt to varying conditions. They can be integrated within the curtain wall or façade structure for a clean look, or set out from the façade using stainless steel cable guides to create the illusion of floating fabric.



    Structural glass walls are now the building envelope of choice for most major commercial developments. Internal fabric shading mitigates glare as well as complementing fixed external shading strategies, and with state of the art reflective fabrics, can serve as an effective standalone shading strategy. Engineered roller systems can cover vast areas with single panels of fabric, whatever the angle or shape of the glass.



    The sheer density of urban spaces makes rooftop, courtyard and surrounding outdoor spaces increasingly valuable. Planning shade in these areas is crucial in converting an architectural idea in to a well-used space. A subtle shading mechanism is also important to ensure views are clear when sun protection is not needed. Tensioned pergola and sail systems can operate on slim support cables, eliminating the need for intrusive columns and bulky supporting structures.




    Bespoke architectural blinds allow the design of unusual sizes, shapes, and applications. Technically advanced fabric shading systems conceal a torsion spring and a motor within the fabric barrel, allowing design of unusual sizes, shapes, and applications. With creative experimentation and precise engineering, almost any structure can be shaded. This includes glazing which is horizontal, sloping, bottom up, duo-screens, curved, triangular, and extra-large glazing. Early collaboration on bespoke design work enables optimum fabric coverage and integration of bespoke systems into the surrounding structures.







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