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2024 Garden Conference International Garden Design Week

Garden exhibition with 50,000+ professional visitors, exhibition recruitment is in progress!


2024 Garden Conference International Garden Design Week | Garden exhibition with 50,000+ professional visitors, exhibition recruitment is in progress!

The exhibition scale of the 2024 Garden Conference will be further expanded, with an exhibition area of over 30,000 square meters. It is expected to attract 300+ garden material brands to participate in the exhibition, and the number of visitors will exceed 50,000. In addition, theme events such as industry summits and summit forums held at the same time will also present more garden design trends and cutting-edge information to everyone.

2024 Garden Conference International Garden Design Week

April 12-14, 2024

Scheduled for Suzhou International Expo Center

Continue the glory of the garden industry

Review Previous garden conferences

2023 Garden Conference International Garden Design Week

It has come to a successful conclusion,

But the popularity of the Garden Conference remains unabated.

Looking back at this years Garden Conference,

As the annual trend vane of the garden industry,

The number of attendees at the conference far exceeded expectations

Reaching 40,000+,

The number of viewers of the photo online live broadcast exceeded 1.4 million.

3 days, 8 simultaneous activities,

200+ full-category garden materials and 15 creative real-life gardens.


The successful holding of the 2023 Garden Conference,

Let us have higher requirements and expectations for the 2024 exhibition.

The recruitment work for the new years garden exhibition has begun.

Over 70% of garden material brands strongly requested to expand their booth area!

All 3 hotels are open at the same time, and 2 are already booked.

Believe in the 2024 Garden Conference International Garden Design Week,

It can bring you more surprises.

Who are the visitors to the exhibition?

01. Relevant practitioners in villa courtyards, gardens, private garden landscape designers, gardeners and other industries;

02. High-end garden landscape design, engineering, procurement and owners of real estate, B&Bs, hotels, clubs and other related personnel;

03. Practitioners related to floral arrangements, green plants, balcony gardens, and home gardening, as well as garden owners and garden enthusiasts;

04. Employees involved in garden theme manors, garden restaurants, garden coffee and tea drinks, garden cultural tourism, camping bases, garden nature education, city flower shows, etc.;

05. Garden centers, home furnishing shopping malls, garden material display centers and other service providers;

06. Dealers, agents, import and export traders of outdoor home furnishings and building materials;

07. Villa interior designers, soft decoration designers, full project designers, architectural planners and other related professionals;

08. Teachers and students from colleges and universities majoring in landscape, horticulture, and design;

09. Professional media in home, gardening, landscape, design and related industries.

China Flower Border Trend Development Forum

In order to explore the future development trends and directions of flower borders and accelerate the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, the 2023 Garden Conference specially held a China Flower Border Trend Development Forum, focusing on flower border design cases, sustainable ecological development, plant color matching, and new trends in flower border creation and maintenance. Conduct interactive discussions on concepts, new technologies and other topics.


More complete categories of garden materials

1. Garden stone: floor paving, quartz bricks, glass bricks, stepping stones, wall stones, slabs, garden steps, mosaics, stone curing agents, water faucets, wash basins, etc.;

2. Outdoor furniture: outdoor furniture, outdoor carpets, seat cushions, cushions, parasols, awnings, outdoor storage, hammocks, trampolines, swings, sofa sets, outdoor clothes drying racks, outdoor deck chairs, pavilions, etc.;

3. Outdoor lighting: outdoor lamps, electrical auxiliary materials, etc.;

4. Garden water features: finished water features, pool supporting equipment, pool filtration, purification, etc.;

5. Garden wood: customized finished products, natural wood, ecological plastic wood, bamboo wood, wood maintenance products, antiseptic wood, carbonized wood, parquet flooring, garden wooden house, etc.;

6. Garden swimming pool SPA: finished swimming pool, swimming pool purification, swimming pool supporting facilities;

7. Garden landscape stones: natural landscape stones and artistically processed landscape stones;

8. Garden sculptures: figure sculptures, animal sculptures, decorative sculptures, flower bowls, and relief sculptures;

9. Garden decoration sketches: flower utensils, decorative ornaments, storage decorations, wall hanging decorations, finished fences, arches, outdoor stoves, etc.;

10. Garden plants: roses, clematis, hydrangeas, bulbs, garden fruit trees, vines, perennials/ornamental grasses, shaped seedlings, trees and shrubs, potted green plants, seed seedlings, imported seedlings, succulents, mosses, etc.;

11. New garden building materials and equipment: weathering steel, glass materials;

12. Garden balcony: balcony customization, balcony furniture, balcony facilities, balcony soft decoration;

13. Garden tools: gardening tools, joint accessories, maintenance tools, etc.;

14. Garden fertilizers: compost bins, fertilizers, chemicals, garden media, etc.;

15. Garden hardware and building materials: labor protection supplies, tool sets, hardware auxiliaries, and construction ropes;

16. Garden sunroom: mobile sunroom, mobile sunshade, automatic retractable roller shutter, etc.;

17. Chinese and Japanese garden materials: ancient stones, bamboo fences, Chinese/Japanese materials, etc.;

18. Garden irrigation: intelligent sprinkler irrigation, garden drip irrigation, irrigation facilities;

19. Garden mosquito repellent: mosquito repellent system, mosquito killer lamp;

20. Garden home: outdoor TV, outdoor shower, barbecue grill, garden sauna, garden restaurant/living room supporting facilities;

21. Garden aluminum art, copper art: garden fence, garden pavilion, courtyard door;

22. Real-life garden: Real-life garden display.


The annual event for gardeners, the China Gardening Industry Summit, brings together thousands of people to listen to the future voice of the gardening industry~

Famous contemporary landscape design experts and scholars, famous domestic landscape design masters, domestic famous architects, internationally renowned garden masters... will lead everyone to open up new opportunities for the development of the garden industry in the next ten years.

The annual Chelsea Flower Show,


It will make countless gardeners and garden lovers yearn for it.


We also often receive messages in the background:


When will the China Chelsea Flower Show be held?

Good news for the gardening season~

As the annual trend vane of the garden industry,

A garden event that rivals the Chelsea Flower Show,

2024 Garden Conference International Garden Design Week

Will be held from April 12th to 14th.


Officially opened at Suzhou International Expo Center!


Domestic garden industry professional exhibition

Huayuanji platform has 800,000+ fans

Over 3,000 garden companies join the Garden Set Club

With more than 30,000 landscape designers


Scan the QR code to follow the "Garden Conference" official account,

click "Exhibition Registration" on the menu bar to enter the "Garden Collection" applet,

click the "View Exhibition" button, and follow the prompts to register for the exhibition.

After successful registration, you can participate in the following free events for the same period Events!

You can go to Shanghai Pudong International Airport first, and then go to Suzhou. We can help you arrange hotel check-in.

2024 Garden Conference International Garden Design Week  1

Shanghai SUNC Intelligence Shade Technology Co.,Ltd

We will participate in garden ceremony 2024

We sincerely invite you to visit!

April 12 - 14, 2024








2024 International Landscape Festival
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