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2024 International Landscape Festival

2024 International Landscape Festival May.10-12.2024

1.About SUNC

Shanghai SUNC Intelligence Shade Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional brand that develops and produces high-end courtyard pergola pavilions and sunshade products. Its products follow German design concepts, European process standards, and rigorous and serious service attitudes to bring high-quality products to users. At the same time, it also integrates outdoor louvered pergola. Pergola(ecological sunrooms), PVC retractable roof pergola, zip screen blinds, mobile sunrooms, etc. are integrated into leisure life with technology, fashion and simplicity, and have won praise and affirmation from the majority of users.

2.About 2024ILF International Landscape Festival

The 2024ILF International Landscape Festival is the first large-scale industry top event in China with the purpose of "creating a festival for gardeners and landscapers" and is positioned to "open up the entire gardenscape industry chain". By solving the interconnection and integration of owners, designers, engineers, materials and the entire industry chain, we can achieve the perfect integration of design, engineering, materials and smart technology in the garden landscape industry, return to the origin of the industry, and help the development and improvement of the garden landscape industry. Industry influence!

2024 International Landscape Festival 1

3.Highlights of 2024ILF International Landscape Festival

After a period of precipitation and intense preparations, what new breakthroughs will the 2024ILF International Landscape Festival bring?From May 10 to 12, 2024, the 2024ILF International Landscape Festival will bring you more creative space designs, cover a wider range of industry forums, invite more domestic and foreign professional celebrities, display richer product categories, and better quality products. The exhibition venue, Hangzhou International Expo Center, will host a more diversified exhibition.

1. There will be world-class masters to help bring the landscape festival an international color!

2. More creative real-life displays!

3. Integrate "Garden+" and make gardening a way of life!

4. Interactive participation will enhance interactivity so that every participant can participate!

5. More than 25+ activities, with more guests to help out!

6. More rich content display!

4.SUNC exhibition product introduction

This time we will meet you with our new product retractable flip louver aluminium pergola.Retractable louvered pergola is SUNC aluminum pergola manufacturer, the latest designed extensible translatable 100% waterproof and operable glazed shelf system, which is currently available in modern times. Retractable louvered pergola is a combination of horizontal horizontal shelves, a complete structure, and a light wind when opened. The 100-leaf leaf piece of the 100-leaf leaf piece is completely closed, preventing sunlight from raining. The heavy-duty internal arrangement ensures the system is fully capable and accepts a strong wind speed of 180-220Km/h. After the opening of the Ansou Glass Gate, there will be a moving sunroom.

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