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Remote Control LED 10x12 Waterproof Motorized Pergola Aluminum Roof 1
Remote Control LED 10x12 Waterproof Motorized Pergola Aluminum Roof 2
Remote Control LED 10x12 Waterproof Motorized Pergola Aluminum Roof 1
Remote Control LED 10x12 Waterproof Motorized Pergola Aluminum Roof 2

Remote Control LED 10x12 Waterproof Motorized Pergola Aluminum Roof


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    Detail Information

    Name: Outdoor Motorized Aluminium Pergola Waterproof Louver Roof System Application: Arches, Arbours, Garden Pergolas
    Material: Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Thickness: 2.0mm-3.0mm Garden Bioclimatic Aluminium Pergola
    Frame Finishing: Powder Coated Color: Custom Made/ Outdoor Gazebo Garden Bioclimatic Aluminum Pergola
    Surface Treatment: Powder Coating,Anodic Oxidation Usage: Patio\Garden\Cottage\Courtyard\Beach\Restaurant
    Feature: Easily Assembled, Eco-friendly, Eco Friendly, Renewable Sources, Rodent Proof, Rot Proof, Waterproof Sensor System Available: Rain Sensor For Aluminum Motorized Pergola
    High Light:

    app control pergola waterproof roof


    LED motorized pergola roof


    10x12 pergola waterproof roof

    Product Description

    Waterproof Remote control Aluminium Louver Roof Pergola



    Pergolas and horizontal louver roof are completely made of aluminum and allows light and breeze when open.Using an electric telescopic engine connection system through parts and aluminum extrusions specially designed, the slats are dosed completely sealed preventing the passage of light and water. When closed the slats become channels that carry the water to the sides that have their own system of canals and water should turn towards the poles where it drains.After the baptism of the strongest typhoon (lichma), the installation project in Shanghai did not have any problems, enough to prove the stability of the electric shed.


    Control mode


    Remote control
    • The control box is equipped with a remote control, which can control the rise, fall and pause of the four side roller shades of the pergola and carport respectively.
    • It can control the opening, closing and suspension of the ceiling louvers of the pergola, carport and restaurant sunshade.
    • It can also control the switch of LED light sets.
    APP Control

    The pergola and carport can be remotely controlled through mobile phone APP(Android or ios), including:

    • The rise, fall, pause and opening percentage of the roller shades
    • The opening, closing and suspension of the ceiling louvers
    • The switch of LED light sets

    With Wi-Fi signal coverage provided at the installation place of the pergola controller, you can control the pergola and carport from any place in the world through mobile phone.


    Wind/rain sensor control Optional installation of wind and rain sensor, when sensing the rain can automatically close the ceiling louvers.
    Human body induction Optional equipped with human body sensing device, when sensing body movement at night it can automatically open the lights in the pergola or carport.


    More Detail

    Bottom fixing method

    Use aluminum alloy base fasteners and expansion screws to Fix the stand column to the floor after the ground has leveled off.


    Cement can be poured on the ground as needed to secure the columns

    Roof beam joint is secured with corner pieces    
    Pillars cross section and thickness dimensions (mm)    

    Roof top cover and Materials



    Reversible aluminum alloy louvers spliced together forms the ceiling roof. No other glass cover.


    It's complete waterproof when louvers closed.


    Water chute around the roof to make sure water flow down the stand column


    Extreme weather


    Once fixes firmly on the cement floor, it can withstand typhoon weather, better recommend to close the side shades in strong windy weather


    Frame color Powder coated in Ral International Color  


    Remote Control LED 10x12 Waterproof Motorized Pergola Aluminum Roof 0

    Remote Control LED 10x12 Waterproof Motorized Pergola Aluminum Roof 1


    Q1: How to guarantee the quality of the products ?
    A1: We have our own QC team to control the products quality for all our clients’ orders before loading.
    Q2: How long does it take to install a louvres roof/pergola ?
    A3: It depends on the skills, help and tools, usual 2-3 workers will finish the installation 50m2 in one days.
    Q3: Is it the louvre roof/pergola rain proof?
    A3: Yes, the normal weather conditions, even heavily rain, the roof/perogla will not let in rain.
    Q4: How does the rain sensor work?
    A4: The control system normally programmed to close the louvres when rain is detected.
    Q5: Are louvres pergola/roof energy efficient?
    A5: The adjustable louvres blade help to reduce heating and controlling the amount of direct sunlight.
    Q6: Can the louvres roof/pergola used next to the sea?
    A6: All accessories in aluminium alloy, stainless steel and brass to avoid any rust and corrosion.

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