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Small Motorised Hoisting System Electric Chain Lifting With Remote Control

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SUNC
Certification: CE,ISO
Model Number: PA500
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Carton or wooden case
Delivery Time: 15 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10000 sets per week

Detail Information

Voltage: 230V~50HZ Working Rate: S320%10MIN
Power: 900W Rated Weight: 300~1000kgs
Lift Height: 1-100m Speed: 10/5(m/min)
Gross/net Weight: 26/34(G.W/N.W) Name: Commercial Building Mall Electric Hoist System Heavy Work Rate Durable Quality
High Light:

chain hoist system


explosion proof hoist

Product Description

Commercial building mall electric hoist system heavy work rate durable quality



Rated voltage: 230v~50HZ
Working coefficient: S320%10min
Input power: 900W
Rated lifting capacity: 300~1000kg
Lifting height: 1-100m
Lifting speed: 10/5 (m/min)
Gross weight / net weight: 26/34 (G.w/n.w)
Cooling method: The motor is a fully enclosed self-cooling (two-way fan) type motor, which ensures that the motor has sufficient cooling air volume when in use. If an optional external fan is used, the proper cooling direction must be ensured when installing the fan. Motor cooling is achieved by a separate fan (forced ventilation) that is not affected by machine operating conditions.
The corresponding use environment:
Ambient temperature
-20°C≤T≤20°C 100%
20 ° C < T ≤ 30 ° C 95%
30 ° C < T ≤ 40 ° C 55%
Meantime between failures: 8000-10000 hours
Equipment noise: 45dB
Design life: 25 years
Accessories: 6.0 wire rope, hook, counterweight, control receiver, remote control transmitter reversing pulley.

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The design content of this project includes the production of electric hooks, control systems and line layout of the site within the scope of the project.
Installation and commissioning, and respond to on-site appearance requirements and energy-saving technology applications.
Design Points
Power supply:
The electric hook of this project is equipped with an independent power distribution system. Voltage 380/220V, power supply from the low voltage of the dedicated power distribution room
Outlet cabinet.
device installation:
2.1 The direction of the hook control circuit can be adjusted according to the site conditions.
2.2 The specific position of each electric hook installation and the position of the remote control receiver can be adjusted according to the specific conditions of the site.
Whole, but must be based on the principle of not affecting the appearance of the site and convenient operation and maintenance.
Equipment production:
3.1 The production of electric hooks meets the requirements of relevant national standards and is a fixed electric hook.
3.2 Electric hook with overload limiter.
3.3 Electric hook with guide rope.
3.4 Electric hook for remote operation, with remote control and corresponding signal receiver, must ensure that the remote control is convenient
The place can operate in all directions.
Line layout
4.1 Select the cable that meets the requirements according to the power of the electric hook used.
4.2 All cables are placed in stainless steel protection tubes and run along the columns or walls of the building and must not be exposed.
4.3 Protection of the cable The steel pipe is fixed to the column or wall with a pipe clamp.
4.4 Wire ropes and cable wires will slip and must be selected for wear-resistant materials and processed at the inlet and outlet.
4.5 The layout of the power lines is generally along the cable tray to ensure the appearance requirements of the building surface.
V. On-site installation requirements
1. Local control: The hook is powered locally by the set button.
2. The shelf for installing the electric hook will be fitted to the site after the company is ready, and it should match the shape of the hook as much as possible.
So as not to affect the appearance.
3. The steering position of the wire rope is a fixed guide pulley.
4. All components fixed on the column or wall are fixed by expansion bolts.
5. The electric hook and the mounting seat are welded together, and the surface is welded and polished to ensure the appearance quality.
Quantity requirements.
6. Metal enclosures and brackets of electrical installations that may be energized when normally uncharged and damaged by insulation shall be
The protection wire is connected reliably.
7. The cross-section of the grounding wire is the same as the phase and neutral sections, and the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms.
8. The electric hook installed on the top layer shall be provided with protection devices such as rain protection, and the protection grade is IP65.
9. Set lightning protection device in the distribution box.
Sixth, the system configuration is as follows
1. Select the lifting equipment with corresponding lifting weight; the system equipment is all bolted for easy maintenance and replacement.
Spare parts, lifts are complete sets of equipment, including reducer, upper and lower travel limit controller.
2, the main power control box
3, the center console control button box control
4. Guide pulley system
5, wire rope system
6, advertising suspension and weight hook
7, equipment shock absorption measures
8. Wire rope perforation hole guiding and positioning device

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1.Can you customized products ?

Thanks for your question. Yes, because the working condition are different, all our products are customized depending on detail requirement! So if you give us more information about the lift capacity, span, lift height, power source and other specials, we will give you a very quick quote!

2.What's the information should I provide when inquiry?
Thanks for your question. The more information you provide, the accurate solution we can prepare for you!
The information such as the lift capacity, control mode, lift height, power source or other specials demand of you need .

4.What's the max lifting capacity of this electric hoist?
Thanks for your question. The max. Lifting capacity of electric chain hoist is 5 ton.
If this can't satisfy your working requirement.please contact us , We can suggest you choose other model.

5.The space of my workshop is limited, can the electric hoist ok for mine?
Thanks for your question. For low headroom workshop, we have the other kind of hoists. The detail dimension need consult our professional engineer.

6.Can your company provide other lift tools?
Thanks for your question. Yes, we can provide any kinds of lift tools such as electric chain hoist, hand chain hosit, electric winch or other special product as your requirement! These hoists with different modles and parameters.

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